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BDI Configs
This is the start of an annotated set of known working BDI2000/3000
config files for various boards. The intention is to have each config
file in this collection provide comments on what/why/how things were
done so they serve as examples for derivatives.
In the past, I've found fragments of configs and suggestions
floating around everywhere from the Abatron and Ultimate Solutions sites
and every discussion forum/list in between but not one place to grab
known good configs for boards/parts not found in the standard firmware
[hope you know how to configure your BDI to find your host tftp dir]
cd /tftpboot
git clone git://github/ohporter/bdi_configs
[configure BDI filename to "bdi_configs/foo.cfg"]
* Add additional TI Sitara EVM configs
* Generate a chart of each config's features (meminit/flash setup? etc.)
Matt Porter
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