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You point your phone at stuff and click stuff and stuff happens

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EyePhone takes augmented reality one step further by allowing users to actually influence the physical world around them rather than merely augmenting it with information.

As both a phone application and a framework, EyePhone adds certain devices to a smart network which can exercise control over the devices. The phone application can then be used to simply look at the device, "tap" on it, and make it execute some action. Devices are grouped into categories and can be easily added to the framework for control over basic functionality some of which are pre-written, others which can be defined by the user. Multiple inputs are supported, including taps, swipes to the left and right.

Examples include:

  • looking at a lamp and tapping it to turn it on/off
  • pointing at speakers to play, pause, skip forward/back
  • looking at a phone to give it a phone call or enter into a conference call

Examples and Demos

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Coming soon

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