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Laminar CI

Laminar ( is a lightweight and modular Continuous Integration service for Linux. It is self-hosted and developer-friendly, eschewing a configuration UI in favor of simple version-controllable configuration files and scripts.

Laminar encourages the use of existing GNU/Linux tools such as bash and cron instead of reinventing them.

Although the status and progress front-end is very user-friendly, administering a Laminar instance requires writing shell scripts and manually editing configuration files. That being said, there is nothing esoteric here and the guide should be straightforward for anyone with even very basic Linux server administration experience.

See the website and the documentation for more information.

Building from source

First install development packages for capnproto (git), rapidjson, sqlite and boost-filesystem from your distribution's repository or other source. Then:

git clone
cd laminar
make -j4
sudo make install

make install includes a systemd unit file. If you intend to use it, consider creating a new user laminar or modifying the user specified in the unit file.