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Terraria Dedicated Server Graphic User Interface

(Terraria dedicated Server requires XNA Framework Read more @


Actual Features:

  • Start Server / Send Commands to Servers
  • User can type in Chat time to get Game Time and Server Time
  • User can type in Chat dawn, noon, dusk or midnight to change Server time (default: off)
  • Admin can send Commands from client (default: off)
    (dirty! None Admin User could type Chat Message like: blah server command)
  • Admin can force time. Type forcedawn, forcenoon, forcedusk or forcemidnight. Type resetforce for reset time
  • Shows external Server IP
  • Count Player/show playing Players
  • Support TShock Server Mod

Actual Restrictions:

  • only English supported
  • Server Config not complete implemented yet
  • Banlist Config not implemented yet

Knowing Bugs (Please Report Bugs):

  • none


  • add Server Logging
  • add Multi Server Support (different Ports)
  • add Multi Core Support for manage CPU Cores using Server/Client (Example Server use CPU Core 1, Client use CPU Core 2)
  • Player Vote for Kick/Ban (Example 4 Player online: required votes xx > 4 / 2 min 2 votes)
  • Watchdog (restart if Server crashs)
Nov 28, 2013


added force time