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Building and Installing OSH
OSH is a bash-compatible shell, and is part of the Oil project
This file describes how to configure, build, and install it from source code.
Quick Start
If you haven't already done so, extract the tarball:
tar -x --xz < oil-0.7.0.tar.xz
cd oil-0.7.0
Either install as /usr/local/bin/osh:
./configure # completes very quickly
make # 30-60 seconds
sudo ./install
or install as ~/bin/osh and the man page as ~/.local/share/man/man1/osh.1:
./configure --prefix ~ --datarootdir ~/.local/share
The latter doesn't require root access, but it requires:
- ~/bin to be in your $PATH
- Pages under ~/.local/share/man to be found by 'man'.
(See manpath or $MANPATH.)
NOTE: Out-of-tree builds are NOT currently supported, so you have to be in the
oil-0.7.0 directory.
Smoke Test
OSH behaves like a POSIX shell:
$ osh -c 'echo hi'
This parses and prints a syntax tree for the 'configure' script.
osh -n configure
More Documentation
Every release has a home page with links, e.g.
System Requirements
Roughly speaking, you need:
- an ANSI C environment (compiler and libc)
- GNU Bash
- GNU Make.
(I want to remove the GNU requirements and require only POSIX sh instead).
- GNU readline library, for interactive features
Debian/Ubuntu and derivatives:
sudo apt install build-essential libreadline-dev
Alpine Linux:
apk add libc-dev gcc bash make readline-dev
OSH has been tested several Linux distros and OS X. It aims to run on any
POSIX system. If it doesn't, file a bug here:
Build Options
./configure --help will show the options. Right now, the only significant
options are --prefix and --{with,without}-readline.
- The oil.ovm executable behaves like busybox, and osh is a symlink to it.
- Oil contains a fork of the Python 2.7 runtime, so it should compile with most
popular compiler/OS combinations.
- Add back build support for PGO and LTO and document them. (CPython has
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