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Oil 0.7.pre8

This is the home page for version 0.7.pre8 of Oil, a Unix shell. To use it,

  1. Download a source tarball.
  2. Build and install it, as described in INSTALL.

These steps take 30 to 60 seconds on most machines. After that, you can assemble an oshrc file, which is described in the manual.

Test results, metrics, and benchmarks are shown below.


What's New


Oil has three major sources of docs:


  • Lines of source, counted in different ways:
    • osh-cloc. OSH and common libraries, as measured by the cloc tool.
    • src. The whole Oil repo organized by type of source file.
    • OPy. How much code is in the OPy toolchain?
  • Lines of dependencies:
    • pydeps. Oil code plus the Python standard library.
    • nativedeps. Oil code plus A slice of CPython.
  • Bytecode Metrics
  • Native Code Metrics
    • overview - An analysis of GCC's compilation of OVM (a subset of CPython). Bloaty provides the underlying data.
    • cpython-defs/overview - We try to ship as little of CPython as possible, and this is what's left.


Main Test Suites

Other Suites

For OPy

The OPy compiler is used to compile Oil to bytecode, but isn't itself part of the release.


Manual Tests

  • Test build and install on OS X


Source Code

These files may help you understand how Oil is implemented, i.e. with domain-specific languages and code generation.

Also see the oilshell/oil repository.

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