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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Usage:
# ./ <function name>
set -o nounset
set -o pipefail
set -o errexit
shopt -s strict:all 2>/dev/null || true # dogfood for OSH
source test/
dump-html-and-translate-file() {
local rel_path=$1
local abs_path=$2
local raw_base=_tmp/wild/raw/$rel_path
local www_base=_tmp/wild/www/$rel_path
mkdir -p $(dirname $raw_base) $(dirname $www_base)
log "--- Processing $rel_path"
# Count the number of lines. This creates a tiny file, but we're doing
# everything involving $abs_path at once so it's in the FS cache.
wc $abs_path > ${raw_base}__wc.txt
# Make a literal copy with .txt extension, so we can browse it
cp $abs_path ${www_base}.txt
# Parse the file.
local task_file=${raw_base}__parse.task.txt
local stderr_file=${raw_base}__parse.stderr.txt
local out_file=${www_base}__ast.html
run-task-with-status $task_file \
bin/osh --ast-format abbrev-html -n $abs_path \
> $out_file 2> $stderr_file
# Convert the file.
run-task-with-status $task_file \
bin/oshc translate $abs_path \
> $out_file 2> $stderr_file
# In case we built with ASAN
export ASAN_OPTIONS='detect_leaks=0'
dump-text-for-file() {
local rel_path=$1
local abs_path=$2
local py_base=_tmp/wild/py/$rel_path
local cpp_base=_tmp/wild/cpp/$rel_path
mkdir -p $(dirname $py_base) $(dirname $cpp_base)
log "--- Processing $rel_path"
# Parse the file with Python
local task_file=${py_base}.task.txt
local stderr_file=${py_base}.stderr.txt
local out_file=${py_base}.ast.txt
run-task-with-status $task_file \
bin/osh --ast-format text -n $abs_path \
> $out_file #2> $stderr_file
# Parse the file with C++
local task_file=${cpp_base}.task.txt
local stderr_file=${cpp_base}.stderr.txt
local out_file=${cpp_base}.ast.txt
run-task-with-status $task_file \
_bin/osh_parse.asan $abs_path \
> $out_file #2> $stderr_file
readonly NUM_TASKS=200
readonly MANIFEST=_tmp/wild/MANIFEST.txt
parse-in-parallel() {
local func=${1:-dump-html-and-translate-file}
local failed=''
xargs -n 2 -P $MAX_PROCS -- $0 $func || failed=1
# Limit the output depth
tree -L 3 _tmp/wild
# Takes 3m 47s on 7 cores for 513K lines.
# So that's like 230 seconds or so. It should really take 1 second!
parse-and-report() {
local manifest_regex=${1:-} # egrep regex for manifest line
local func=${2:-dump-html-and-translate-file}
time {
#test/ write-manifest
test/ manifest-from-archive
if test -n "$manifest_regex"; then
egrep -- "$manifest_regex" $MANIFEST | parse-in-parallel $func
cat $MANIFEST | parse-in-parallel $func
dump-text-asts() {
local manifest_regex=${1:-} # egrep regex for manifest line
local func=dump-text-for-file
if test -n "$manifest_regex"; then
egrep -- "$manifest_regex" $MANIFEST | parse-in-parallel $func
cat $MANIFEST | parse-in-parallel $func
compare-one-ast() {
local left=$1
local old='/py/'
local new='/cpp/'
local right=${left/$old/$new}
#echo $left $right
diff -q -u $left $right
#md5sum $left $right
compare-asts() {
local manifest=_tmp/wild/compare.txt
find _tmp/wild/py -name '*.ast.txt' > $manifest
log "Comparing ..."
wc -l $manifest
cat $manifest | xargs -n 1 -- $0 compare-one-ast
# NOTE: This depends on test/ Should we make that part of
# 'deps'?
wild-report() {
test/ "$@"
_link() {
ln -s -f -v "$@"
version-text() {
echo "\$ $OSH --version"
$OSH --version
make-report() {
local in_dir=_tmp/wild/raw
local out_dir=_tmp/wild/www
# TODO: This could also go in 'raw', and then be processed by Python?
version-text > $out_dir/version-info.txt
cat $MANIFEST | wild-report summarize-dirs \
--not-shell test/wild-not-shell.txt \
--not-osh test/wild-not-osh.txt \
$in_dir $out_dir
# This has to go inside the www dir because of the way that relative links
# are calculated.
# TODO: Isn't this redundant?
_link $PWD/web/osh-to-oil.{html,js} $out_dir
_link $PWD/web _tmp
test-wild-report() {
egrep -- '^oil|^perf-tools' $MANIFEST | wild-report summarize-dirs
if test "$(basename $0)" = ''; then