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Shellac Protocol Proposal V2

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  • Shell-agnostic. You can't force zsh to parse bash strings!
  • Compatible with existing completion scripts. e.g. _openstack use case. Most migrations should be a trivial wrapper.
  • Probably: Should be implementable in pure bash and zsh.

Design Sketch

Compared to the original Shellac Protocol Proposal

  • Remove mention of coprocesses! That is orthogonal. It's just a process now.
  • Input side:
    • shellac-provider -- command --myflag 1 --myflag2 f
  • Output:
    • { key, value, key, value } in NUL terminated strings
    • Arrays are prefixed with length


["candidates", "2", "one", "two", "descriptions", "2", "desc1", "desc2"]

This is printed on stdout as a series of NUL-terminated strings.

  • Read with read -d $'\0' in bash

Finding Completions for binaries

Look in $SHELLAC_HOME_DIR/plugins/openstack/complete for openstack.

$SHELLAC_HOME = ~/.local/shellac on Linux.

TODO: details.


  • Input format is extensible with new flags
  • Output format is extensible with new "keys".
    • right now we have "candidates" and "descriptions", but we can have more.


From bash completion

  • Easy, just take COMPREPLY and print as "candidates". Descriptions are left blank.

From subcommands

  • Easy, just write a shell wrapper:
exec npm complete "$@"

What's Wrong with complete -C in bash?

  • line-oriented protocol
  • COMP_CWORDS is wrong

TODO: Write up more!

Test Cases

See Shellac Test Cases.


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