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Using Zephyr ASDL

andychu edited this page Jun 7, 2019 · 3 revisions

If you define a sum type like

expr = Unary(expr e) | Binary(expr left, expr right)

Then you will get three pieces of generated code:

  • expr_e.Unary: An integer tag.
    • typical usage: if node.tag == expr_e.Unary
  • expr.Unary(): A Python class / type / constructor.
    • typical usage: node = expr.Unary(child)
    • Note that this is an alias for expr__Unary(). MyPy seems to like this form better. It makes it easier to statically type the code.
  • expr_t: A common superclass of all the nodes.
    • typical usage: isinstance(node, expr_t)

The implementation is here, with some more notes in the README.

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