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Oinam Jekyll

A simple, clean, and minimal Jekyll Theme.


Oinam Jekyll

$ gem build oinam-jekyll.gemspec
$ gem push oinam-jekyll-x.x.x.gem


  • Style Tables
  • Split the CSS and Javascript on their own files, the inclusion or exclusion should be user defined. Make it an optional config setting.
  • Demo: Themes / Color Scheme Preview?
  • Split Styles into more cleaner separation -- base, grid, gallery, etc.
  • Fix Gallery
  • Remove any enforcements such as YouTube embeds. Keep the code for backward compatibility?
  • Lunr for Search as default?
  • Print Styles based off Gutenberg (or pick something that does not depend on normalize). Add this theme specific styles.
  • Reading progress on top bar.
  • Look at Tufte CSS for the layout, styles, and especially that Sidenotes/Footnotes.
  • Spit out the Styles separate so it can just be referenced on its own from a simple HTML site.
  • Toggle description in the header.