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This form is to document the testing that has been done on each app version before submitting to the App Store. For each item, indicate Yes if the testing has been done, Not Applicable if the testing does not apply (eg testing audio for an app that doesn’t play any), or No if the testing has not been done for another reason.


###Internet Connectivity Test all the data downloading sections of the app by trying them on the appropriate connection type. Consider graceful degradation and failure as well as success conditions.

Connection N/A NO YES
No Network
Break in Network - use Charles
Server unreachable - timeout
Resumed connect - streaming only


###Locale Change device’s settings then load the app. Check that dates appear correctly, especially dates from external feeds or services.

Locale N/A NO YES
12 and 24 hour clocks
Regions: fork and add regions for you
Languages: fork and add languages for you
Daylight Savings Time



Run the application through navigations using different devices with different iOS versions and display formats.

Device N/A NO YES
iPhone / iPod touch running iOS 5.0
iPhone / iPod touch running iOS 5.1.1
iPhone / iPod touch running iOS 6.0
iPhone / iPod touch running iOS 6.1.3
iPhone / iPod touch running iOS 7.0
Retina iPhone display
Non-retina iPhone display
iPad 1 running iOS 5.0
iPad 1 running iOS 5.0
iPhone / iPod touch running iOS 5.1.1
iPad running iOS 6.0
iPad running iOS 6.1.3
iPad running iOS 7.0
Retina iPad display
Non-retina iPad display
iPad mini display



If app plays audio, perform the following checks. For streaming audio, make sure the checks in the network section above have also been done.

Audio N/A NO YES
Headphones/speaker routing
Dock connector audio out routing
iPod touch audio routing (consider model without speaker)
Mute switch functionality (officially it mutes non-user-requested sounds)
Audio pause on received phone call
Background audio (if supported): playback and multitasking bar controls
Start playing audio when another app is already playing
Headphone remote for audio control
Multitasking screen audio control


###Video Streaming video should have been checked in the network tests.

Video N/A NO YES
User cancels video before playback begins
User cancels video during playback
Video plays to the end
Video return from full screen
Dock connector video out
Video transition between inline and full screen



Location N/A NO YES
True GPS
Wifi location
Cell tower location
Unable to find location
No results returned (e.g. too far from any searchable points of interest)
Location services turned off
Location services disabled for this app


###Camera / Video If app takes pictures or video clips, perform the following checks. For streaming video, make sure the checks in the network section above have also been done.

Camera / Video N/A NO YES
Primary camera photo taken
Primary camera video captured
Secondary (user facing) camera taken
Secondary (user facing) video captured
Video recording paused on received phone call



Logging N/A NO YES
Logging events to live server
Logging errors (interact with other tests?)


###User Interface Test each major view in the app.

Title N/A NO YES
Double height status bar (eg in call)
Orientation change
Upside-down orientation
Orientation lock
VoiceOver turned on
Usable by a new user with Screen Curtain turned on
Works with Accessibility Zoom turned on


###Core Data

Core Data N/A NO YES
Validation error in user input
Validation error in web server input
Test migrations with valid and invalid data files



Installation N/A NO YES
Fresh install
Upgrade from previous live version
Upgrade from older live version



Title N/A NO YES
Shake to Undo
Text selection (including disabled when appropriate)
Copy / Paste
Editing when keyboard is hidden
Dictionary / Suggested Word hover


###Third Party Services All third party services should use production API key and the new app version should be registered in the respective dashboards

Title N/A NO YES
Production analytics/tracking API key
New app version tracking data available tracking in dashboard
Production crash reporting API key
Upload dSYM to crash reporting tool
New app version available in crash reporting dashboard
Push notification service API key
New app version added to push service dashboard
Production App ID for social services (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc)



Tested in Ad Hoc mode
Version number upgraded
Bundle identifier correct for release


Sign-off: __________________________________________

Project role: _______________________________________