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Ruby gem for

There'll be something here as soon as I work out what's going on! For now, check the commit logs. I'll try and make them useful.

I'm @elj on If you want to help, drop me a line.

So far

OAuth stuff is done:

# First call AppDotNet.get_authentication_url to get the URL to redirect the user to 
auth_url = AppDotNet::Authentication.get_authentication_url

# Then you have a code from visiting that URL, e.g.:
code = "AQAAAAAAABi_dzDAYfAHbIL0n6F1ny9Wqc8kVWhnmQcHej0-zEAc62GRY7Wy3bnnCZ7cfoq11qyqR98kTwV0zU28I5edG0TiJaOx61rGS2HXE8SDYnrYxaNu4YL19QcAvSlAyW2rTXDF"

# Ask for the access token
response = AppDotNet::Authentication.get_access_token( code )
# => {"access_token"=>"AQAAAAAAABi__nnJT1H8XiW4NGOszKeyST6oAleqHoBhsvoRz2ut4AJB6FMZY9aarU1lJvtx29-w_2d6CSWt_-mkaldrqzeR5Q", "username"=>"elj", "user_id"=>3078}

Coming soon: everything else!

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