Get a copy of the presenter notes that accompany your Slideshare presentation.
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There's a bug of some sort in the Slideshare system, which means that your presentation's presenter notes just don't show up. For some people, all the value and detail and research is in those notes, and not having them is a serious blow to the quality of the presentation.

Slideshare themselves don't seem interested in fixing it. See this conversation for adequate evidence.

The odd thing is, however, that the presenter notes are actually shipped down with the page, but clicking on the tab to activate them doesn't cause anything to happen. I've seen this behaviour in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

So this is a trivial application that allows you to submit the URL of the slideshow you want to fetch the notes for, and it will show those notes in the browser - gussied up a little bit.

This was a sad obsession of mine for a few hours, and now, thankfully, it's over. You can get to a running version of the application at The code doesn't do any capture of visits or anything like that, it's just a fast hack.

update : the notes seem to work now so you probably don't need this at all, yay, etc.