A light weight implementation of Amazon's CloudSearch service for local testing purposes.
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A light weight implementation of Amazon's CloudSearch service for local testing purposes. This is meant for use in functional / acceptance testing of service which use cloud search.

The Nozama Service also implements its own REST API to allow you to get at the data in a way you wouldn't normally be able to on Amazon CloudSearch.

One handy benefit of using Nozama is it provides a way to migrate from Amazon CloudSearch to ElasticSearch.

The running Nozama Service hosts its own docs generated from sphinx. I've also upload to readthedocs.org here:

Locally hosted docs:


I wanted to test a platfom that was hardcoded to use only cloudsearch. There was no way I could change the code in question. I was also unable to get other instances due to budget constraints. I looked around for alternatives and found none I could get working on CentOS.


To get up and going on a system with MongoDB running do:

# create a quick environment to install into:
virtualenv nozama
source nozama/bin/activate

# Install from pypi:
easy_install nozama-cloudsearch-service

# OR
pip install

# download the development configuration:
curl -O https://raw.github.com/oisinmulvihill/nozama-cloudsearch/master/nozama-cloudsearch-service/development.ini

# Run the service:
pserve development.ini

Starting server in PID 6845.
serving on view at

# Success! Press Ctrl-c to exit.

MongoDB needs to be install and running on the system. The default set up will use a database called 'nozama-cloudsearch'. See the development.ini configuration file for more details.

Quick API Usage Example

If you have a running service you can try the following using curl from the command line.

# Assumes: serving on view at

# A quick check of the version and that the service is running:
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:15808/ping
{"status": "ok", "version": "1.1.0", "name": "nozama-cloudsearch-service"}

# Now check what documents are present / removed:
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:15808/dev/documents
{"documents_removed": [], "documents": []}

# Add a document using the batch upload SDF:
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:15808/2013-08-22/documents/batch -d '[{"lang": "en", "fields": {"name": "bob"}, "version": 1376497963, "type": "add", "id": 1246}]'
{"status": "ok", "warning": "", "adds": 1, "error": "", "deletes": 0}

# Check the document is there:
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:15808/dev/documents
{"documents_removed": [], "documents": [{"lang": "en", "fields": {"name": "bob"}, "_id": "1246", "version": "1376497963", "id": "1246"}]}

# Try searching for the document:
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:15808/2013-08-22/search?q=bob
{"info": {"rid": "5ac832321dd35dfe1f3151689ab019bac24f5e2acf4d5f9f46516329988c3967109f3ae0ba59b345", "cpu-time-ms": 0, "time-ms": 2}, "hits": {"found": 1, "hit": [{"id": "1246"}], "start": 0}, "match-expr": "(label 'bob')", "rank": "-text_relevance"}

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:15808/2013-08-22/search?q=somethingnotpresent
{"info": {"rid": "71b70eba393d9f79858a1e09d1cf8e1a337c4d3f954631babdc6de891e202d5416ff699e85fa76ba", "cpu-time-ms": 0, "time-ms": 0}, "hits": {"found": 0, "hit": [], "start": 0}, "match-expr": "(label 'somethingnotpresent')", "rank": "-text_relevance"}

# Remove the document in another batch update:
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:15808/2013-08-22/documents/batch -d '[{"version": 1376497963, "type": "delete", "id": 1246}]'
{"status": "ok", "warning": "", "adds": 0, "error": "", "deletes": 1}

# Check what was removed:
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:15808/dev/documents
{"documents_removed": [{"lang": "en", "fields": {"name": "bob"}, "_id": "1246", "version": "1376497963", "id": "1246"}], "documents": []}

# Empty out all stored content:
curl -X DELETE -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:15808/dev/documents
{"status": "ok", "message": "Documents Removed OK.", "traceback": "", "error": ""}

# Check there should now be nothing there:
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:15808/dev/documents
{"documents_removed": [], "documents": []}



Add support for multibyte characters.

Return field values and support sdk format.

Remove unnecessary validations.

Upsert a document.

Contributed by hokuma(https://github.com/hokuma)


This is a minor fix to the LICENSE file as spotted by Alex (https://github.com/ALyman).