linux desktop player for amazon music
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A standalone app for Amazon Prime Music/Amazon Music Unlimited.


Prebuilt packages

.deb and .rpm packages can be downloaded from the releases page.

In order to install the companion app, download a built version from the Play Store or build it by yourself by cloning the repository

Building from source

git clone
cd amazon-music-linux
npm install
npm run package-linux

Then, depending on whether you want to build for Ubuntu/Debian or Fedora/openSUSE, do the following:

  • Ubuntu/Debian:

    sudo npm install -g electron-installer-debian
    electron-installer-debian --src release-builds/amazon-music-linux-linux-x64/ --arch amd64 --config build-config.json
  • Fedora/openSUSE:

    sudo npm install -g electron-installer-redhat
    electron-installer-redhat --src release-builds/amazon-music-linux-linux-x64/ --arch x86_64 --config build-config.json

The output .deb or .rpm file will be in the release-builds/ directory.


  • If you get an error about, install libXScrnSaver or equivalent.


Legal Disclaimer

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