My Addons to the Zabbix Monitoring Solution
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Author: Simon Kowallik <sk>
License: GPL2

This is a collection of scripts which extend the functionality of the
Zabbix 2.0 Monitoring System.


advsnmp.discovery: Addon for Zabbix 2.0 Low-Level-Discovery.
		   advsnmp.discovery is an alternative to the build-in SNMP LLD
		   (Low-Level-Discovery) of Zabbix 2.0.
		   It integrates seamless into Zabbix by using "External check"
		   discovery rules.

		   advsnmp.discovery has some more advanced indexing features
		   than the build-in variant:
		   - Multiple Indexes {#ADVSNMPINDEX1} - {#ADVSNMPINDEXn}
		   - Variable Index length
		   - Dynamic Index length

snmp.availability: Simple script to check for SNMP OID availability.
		  Works similar to icmpping (returning 0 for down and 1 for up).
		  Intended to be used as an External Check Item.

ssltls.check: Script to check the availability of SSL or TLS services.
		   Additionally it is possible to query different attributes of
		   the x509 certificate of the queried SSL/TLS service.
		   Intended to be used as an External Check Item.
tz.timeperiod: Script to check if the localtime for a given Timezone
		   is within the given Time Periods.
		   It will return 0 if the localtime is outside of the
		   Time Periods, and 1 if it is inside.
		   Intended to be used as an External Check Item.