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import re
from pkg_resources import iter_entry_points
import sparkplug.logutils
import sparkplug.digraph as d
_log = sparkplug.logutils.LazyLogger(__name__)
# We use this for the final channel configurer (see create_configurer)
class CompositeConfigurer(object):
def __init__(self, configurers):
self.configurers = configurers
def start(self, channel):
for configurer in self.configurers:
def stop(self, channel):
for configurer in reversed(self.configurers):
class DependencyConfigurer(object):
def __init__(self):
self.depends_on_names = []
self.depended_on_names = []
def depends_on(self, dependencies):
self.depends_on_names += re.split(r"\s+", dependencies.strip())
def depended_on(self, dependencies):
self.depended_on_names += re.split(r"\s+", dependencies.strip())
def start(self, channel):
def stop(self, channel):
def section_dict(config, section):
# We strip out any keys with dashes in them so that we can use them in
# interpolation without having to pass them as kwargs to the individual
# configuration elements.
# 'use' (which is magic for the ConsumerConfigurer entry point) is not
# handled here - it's handled by argument scatter down at conf_entry_point
# and ConsumerConfigurer's __init__. All other "internal" config keys
# conform to this dash convention.
section_dict = dict(config.items(section))
stripped_dict = dict(
(key, section_dict[key]) for key in section_dict if '-' not in key
return stripped_dict
def calculate_dependencies(configurers):
"""Given a dictionary of name -> DependencyConfigurer objects, returns a
list with the leaf nodes of the implied dependencies first.
# We do this via graph theory rather than hard-coding a particular startup
# order.
config_graph = d.Digraph()
for configurer in configurers.values():
for configurer_name, configurer in configurers.items():
# Add outbound dependencies for every node.
for name in configurer.depends_on_names:
_log.debug("%s depends on %s", configurer_name, name)
config_graph.add_edge(configurers[name], configurer)
# Add inbound dependencies for every node.
for name in configurer.depended_on_names:
_log.debug("%s depends on %s", name, configurer_name)
config_graph.add_edge(configurer, configurers[name])
return config_graph.sorted()
def load_configurers(config, defaults, connector):
configurers = {}
for section in [section for section in config.sections() if ':' in section]:
section_type, section_name = section.split(':', 1)
if section_type != connector:
section_name = section_name % defaults
params = section_dict(config, section)
_log.debug("Configuring %s (type %s)", section_name, section_type)
if section_name in configurers:
_log.error("Duplicate configuration section named %s.", section_name)
configurers[section_name] = load_configurer(section_type, section_name, params)
return configurers
def create_configurer(config, defaults, connector):
# section is a list of type, name, params tuples
configurers_by_name = load_configurers(config, defaults, connector)
configurers = calculate_dependencies(configurers_by_name)
_log.debug("Configurer order: %r", configurers)
return CompositeConfigurer(configurers)
def load_configurer(type, name, params):
return conf_entry_point('sparkplug.configurers', type, name, params)
def conf_entry_point(group, type, name, params, *args):
for entry_point in iter_entry_points(group, type):
connector_factory = entry_point.load()
return connector_factory(name, *args, **params)
raise EnvironmentError("No entry point for %r named %r found." % (group, type))
def create_connector(config, channel_configurer, connector, connection):
_log.debug("Creating connector %s (of type %s)", connection, connector)
section = "%s:%s" % (connector, connection)
params = section_dict(config, section)
return conf_entry_point('sparkplug.connectors', connector, connection, params,