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BravoDMS Responsive (Mobile 1st) Framework

This framework is a mashup of resources that I have put together in order to get my development workflow started as quickly as possible.

Please note that all of the CSS is compiled using Sass / Compass. If you are not currently using CSS Preprocessing, start doing so now. I recommend using CodeKit (on a Mac), or the Compass app (on a PC)

What's Included:

Here is a breakdown of the files and what they do:

HTML (php) -

  • index.php - The main page that calls in all other files via the php include command.

  • header.php - Includes the <head></head> <body> <header></header>, <nav><nav>.

  • footer.php - Includes the javascript for the BravoMenu, and Scott Jehl's iOS Orientation Fix.

  • navigation.php - Simple unordered list of links for the BravoMenu.

  • config.rb - The Sass / Compass Configuration File.

CSS (sass / compass) -

  • style.scss - Main stylesheet that imports all other _sass.scss files (listed below) and compiles them into the minified style.css.

  • _reset.scss - CSS Reset from Eric Meyer

  • _bravo-grid-v16.scss - Responsive Grid I rolled myself.

  • _bravo-menu-v6.scss - Responsive Menu I rolled myself.

  • _toobox.scss - Some useful utility classes that I use repeatedly.

  • _typography.scss - Basic type settings.

  • _font-awesome.scss - Settings for Font-Awesome icon font.

Javascript -

  • html5shiv.js - Makes older browsers recognize new HTML5 Elements.

  • respond.min.js - Makes older browsers recognize CSS Media Queries.


Responsive Framework



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