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Add first version of "Workman Dead" as an alternative layout.

- Add info to to explain "Workman Dead" layout and
  show how to use a 'dead' key.
- Add screenshots for different states of the "Workman Dead".
- Add an SVG file than is similar to header of
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* Make sure that the Show input menu in menu bar box is also checked.
* To switch quickly between layouts you can press Command+Space or Command+Option+Space. Note, this hotkey combination conflicts with the default settings for showing Spotlight. Check your settings in System Preferences, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts tab, Spotlight against Keyboard & Text Input.
+## Alternatives
+There are variations to the Workman layout:
+### Programmer
+Special symbols (!, @, #, ...) are main characters of the top row so you need to hold
+ the **SHIFT** key to input the numbers.
+### IO
+Location of *I* and *O* keys are swapped (This is not officially approved.)
+### Workman Dead (for programmers)
+The idea of using [*'dead' keys*]( is based
+on " *pressing 2 easy keys is better than pressing 1 hard key* ".
+So to make it easier to type (programming) characters/symbols, we're going to
+press an easily reachable key (which will **NOT** output any character), release it and then press another easily reachable key to produce, say, **@** character.
+In this layout the COMMA key is a *dead* key, pressing it will cause keyboard enter a state in which a single stroke of other keys will output a different character than normal state. Afer that single stroke, the keyboard returns to its normal state.
+For example, you'd press __COMMA__ to enter the special state. Now if you stroke the *A* key the
+output will be a *forward slash /*. Refer to following images for more info.
+To produce the *COMMA* character itself, just hit *SPACE* after entering 'dead' state.
+This layout also changes the **Numeric Keypad** to be more programmer friendly when dealing with
+hexadecimal values.
+* Main Workman layout
+![Main layout](screenshots/main_layout.png)
+* Dead State layout
+This might also help you memorize it faster, the **0** and **1** are on the home keys:
+![dead state layout](screenshots/dead_state_layout.png)
+The above layout is based on [Arensito layout]( and
+[Programmer Dvorak](
+![Dead State layout](screenshots/dead_state.png)
+In dead state, if you press ⌥ **Option** (*Alt*), you'll get these handy characters:
+![Dead State + Option](screenshots/dead_state_option.png)
+And if your keyboard has a numeric pad, holding Option will change it to:
+![Numeric Pad](screenshots/option_hexadecimal.png)
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