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Generic Filters for the changelist in Django Admin
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Django Admin Filters

Allows you to use generic filters for the admin changelist view.



	from adminfilters.admin import GenericFilterAdmin
	import string
	class MyAdmin(GenericFilterAdmin):
		generic_filters = ('alphabetic_filter',)
	    def alphabetic_filter(self, request, cl):
	        Creates an alphabetic filter for the 'name' field on the model
	        registered to this admin
	        if self.model.objects.all().count():
	            selected = request.GET.get('name__istartswith', None)
	            choices = [(selected is None,
	                   cl.get_query_string({}, ['name__istartswith']),
	            for letter in string.ascii_lowercase:
	                if self.model.objects.filter(name__istartswith=letter).count():
	                    choices.append((selected == letter,
	                           cl.get_query_string({'name__istartswith': letter}),
	            return cl.build_filter_spec(choices, 'alphabetic')
	        return False
Generic Filters Property

The ``generic_filters`` property on a ``GenericFilterAdmin`` subclass defines a
sequence of filter methods on the same class. 
Filter Methods

A filter method takes a ``HttpRequest`` object and a ``GenericFilterChangeList``
object as arguments. It returns either False if this filter has no output for 
the given request and/or environment or a ``FilterSpec`` object.


This method takes two arguments. A sequence or callable defining the available
choices and a title to be used for the filter spec. It returns a ``FilterSpec``
object. This is a helper method to quickly build ``FilterSpec`` objects without
actually writing a ``FilterSpec`` subclass.

If a callable is given as first argument, it should return a sequence when

The sequence should contain 3-item sequences like this:

 * A boolean object whether this option is currently selected or not.
 * A query string to be used to activate this filter
 * A string to be displayed as the choices' label.


This method takes two arguments. A dictionary of key-value pairs to be *added*
to the query string and optionally a sequence of keys to be *removed* from the
query string. It returns a query string. 
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