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I'm getting the following exception in my admin when trying to view the change list of a TranslatableModel:

WrongManager at /admin/grape/tagdescription/
To access translated fields like 'language_code' from an untranslated model, you must use a translation aware manager, you can get one using nani.utils.get_translation_aware_manager.

The exception appears when I'm trying to add a ForeignKey to another untranslated model. It goes away after I remove the ForeignKey. I will try do debug this further, seems a bit tricky to me - just posting here to know if you may already have an idea about the reason for this problem?

Here's the traceback btw

EDIT: Tried also to use the TranslationAwareManager which made no difference...

Natim commented Sep 13, 2011

I have also this message :s

Natim commented Sep 13, 2011

For me it came from the use of fieldsets and prepopulated_fields on TranslateAdmin.

ojii commented Nov 9, 2011

Please note that development now happens over at, so if this issue is also present in that fork, please re-submit it at Thank you.

@ojii ojii closed this Nov 9, 2011
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