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merge -> blit (thx @marienz)

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1 parent f94d755 commit e7a22f5155db2edc4ae29482741cd7e0289ed107 @ojii committed Sep 19, 2012
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2 docs/dev/api.rst
@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ Internal API
This method operates **in place** and does not return a copy of this image!
- .. method:: merge(padding_top, padding_left, image):
+ .. method:: blit(padding_top, padding_left, image):
Draws the image passed in on top of this image at the location indicated with the padding.
4 pymaging/
@@ -221,9 +221,9 @@ def draw(self, shape, color):
for x, y, pixelcolor in shape.iter_pixels(color):
self.set_color(x, y, pixelcolor)
- def merge(self, padding_top, padding_left, image):
+ def blit(self, padding_top, padding_left, image):
- Merges the two images, putting the image given on top of this image with with the given padding
+ Puts the image given on top of this image with the given padding
# there *must* be a better/faster way to do this:
# TODO: check that palettes etc match.

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