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Simple homepage generator
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homepage generator

Author: Ondrej Kipila <ok100 at openmailbox dot org>
Version: git
Manual section:1

SYNOPSIS [-h] [-c file] [-o directory]

DESCRIPTION is a basic homepage generator.


-h, --help
Show help message and exit.
-c, --config-file file
Change the configuration file of from default $HOME/.config/homepage/homepage.conf to file.
-o, --output-dir directory
Change the output directory of from default $HOME to directory. Two files will be created in this directory: homepage.html and style.css.


Default path to the configuration file is $HOME/.config/homepage/homepage.conf.

Configuration file with default options would look like this:

import os
from collections import OrderedDict

output_dir = os.environ['HOME']
title = 'Speed Dial'
font = ('Monospace', '12pt')
separator = '>'
colors = (
    '#020202',  # background
    '#999999',  # links
    '#B3B3B3',  # group title
    '#4C4C4C',  # separator
links = OrderedDict([
    ('search', [
        ['google', ''],
        ['duckduckgo', ''],
        ['startpage', ''],
    ('media', [
        ['youtube', ''],
    ('foo', [
        ['wikipedia', ''],
        ['wallbase', ''],


output_dir (type: string)
Output directory.
title (type: string)
Page title.
font (type: tuple)
Font. First element is font name (string), second element is font size (string).
separator (type: string)
Separator between group title and links.
colors (type: tuple)
Colors. Consists of four string elements: background, links, group title, separator.
links (type: OrderedDict)
Links (see example configuration file above).
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