@ok2cqr ok2cqr released this Dec 30, 2017 · 206 commits to master since this release


  • wsjt remote mode improvements (Saku, OH1KH)
  • CQ-monitor now remembers showing state (Saku, OH1KH)
  • "My Alert" is now compared oppsite way: This should fit also compound callsign XX/YOURCALL or YOURCALL/XX (Saku, OH1KH)
  • CQ-monitor: Country names (cut to length 15) are now displayed instead of callsign prefixes. (Saku, OH1KH)
  • "Show only active band" checkbox addec to Band map filter for quick access. (Saku, OH1KH)
  • "Re/Set" button added to Export "Choose fields to export" dialog for set/reset all check boxes in one go. (Saku, OH1KH)
  • a lot of CQ monitor improvements (Saku, OH1KH)
  • remote wsjt: Short cut key Ctrl+J (Saku, OH1KH)
  • help files updated (Saku, OH1KH)
  • Voice keyer works now also with FM and AM modes and also from CWkeys windows. (Saku, OH1KH)
  • QSO in QSO list window can be sorted in ascending date/time order (oldes QSO first). (Jörg, DL8DTL)
  • CQRLOG should work correcly on HiDPI monitors
  • 630M definition was missing in some functions (Saku, OH1KH)
  • ADIF upload didn't work when name or QTH were too long
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