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Java implementation of AMP (Asynchronous Messaging Protocol) that includes some twisted python features like reactors and deferreds. More on AMP can be found at "". A good place to start to get an overview of the project are the example clients and servers in the examples directory.

Supported Data Types:

  • AMP Integer = java.lang.Integer or int
  • AMP String = java.nio.ByteBuffer or byte[]
  • AMP Unicode = java.lang.String
  • AMP Boolean = java.lang.Boolean or boolean
  • AMP Float = java.lang.Double or double
  • AMP Decimal = java.math.BigDecimal
  • AMP DateTime = java.util.Calendar
  • AMP ListOf = java.util.ArrayList
  • AMP AmpList = java.util.ArrayList(extends com.twistedmatrix.amp.AmpItem)


  • Java BigDecimal does not support special values like Infinity or NaN.
  • Java Calendar only supports up to millisecond accuracy.
  • Classes that extend AmpItem must not be nested in other classes.
  • Classes sent or recieved must only contain data types listed above.

Ant Targets:

  • build Compiles bytecode with debug
  • buildexamples Compiles bytecode for examples
  • buildprod Compiles bytecode without debug
  • clean Cleans this project
  • jar Creates jar file
  • javadoc Generate documentation
  • runexclient Runs example client
  • runexserver Runs example server
  • test Run junit tests