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0. current
+ update 12/19/2012: Emacs 24.2.91 with emacs-24.2.91-mac-3.91
+ update 11/25/2012: Emacs 24.2.90 with emacs-24.2.90-mac-3.90
+ high resolution toolbar icons
+ toolbar-on patch
+ update 10/30/2012: Emacs 24.2 with emacs-24.2-mac-3.3
+ update 08/27/2012: Emacs 24.2 with emacs-24.2-mac-3.2
+ update 07/28/2012: Emacs 24.1 with emacs-24.1-mac-3.1
+ macfont patch for 10.8
+ update 05/24/2012: fix emacs-mac.rb for homebrew
+ update 05/17/2012: Emacs 24.0.97 with emacs-24.0.97-mac-2.93
+ update 04/27/2012: Emacs 24.0.96 with emacs-24.0.96-mac-2.92
+ update 04/02/2012: Emacs 24.0.95 with emacs-24.0.95-mac-2.91
+ update 03/10/2012: Emacs 24.0.94 with emacs-24.0.94-mac-2.90
+ HiDPI mode patch@03/05
+ update 01/31/2012: Emacs 23.4 with emacs-23.4-mac-2.0
+ update 01/15/2012: Emacs 23.3.90 with emacs-23.3.90-mac-1.9998
+ update 11/28/2011: Emacs 23.3b with emacs-23.3b-mac-1.9997
+ update 10/27/2011: Emacs 23.3a with emacs-23.3a-mac-1.9996
+ update 10/14/2011: Emacs 23.3a with emacs-23.3a-mac-1.9995
+ unerased-cursor.patch
+ lion-toolbar.patch
+ update 08/28/2011: Emacs 23.3a with emacs-23.3a-mac-1.9995
+ update 07/25/2011: Emacs 23.3 with emacs-23.3-mac-1.9993
+ svg64.patch
+ add ""
+ update 03/23/2011: Emacs 23.3 with emacs-23.3-mac-1.9992
+ update 03/08/2011: Emacs 23 bzr with emacs-23.2.93-mac-1.9991
+ update 02/15/2011: Emacs 23.2.94 with emacs-23.2.93-mac-1.9991
+ update 02/01/2011: Emacs 23.2.93 with emacs-23.2.93-mac-1.9991
+ update 01/17/2011: Emacs 23.2.92 with emacs-23.2.92-mac-1.9990
1. What's this?
This is "Mac port" addition to GNU Emacs 24 by Yamamoto Mitsuharu
<>. This provides a native GUI support
for Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.8. Note that Emacs 23 already contains the
official GUI support via the NS (Cocoa) port for Mac OS X 10.4 and
later. So if it is good enough for you, then you don't need to try
[If you find a bug of the prebuilt emacs bundle,
and emacs-mac.rb, please feel free to open a issue on github.]
If you find a bug, then please try to reproduce it with some
official builds such as X11 or NS (Cocoa). If it turns out to be
specific to the Mac port, then please report it to
"". Otherwise
(i.e., it is also reproducible with official ones), report it using
M-x report-emacs-bug *USING THE OFFICIAL BUILD* as such.
Emacs Mac port is now active developing by Mr Yamamoto Mitsuharu
<> by publishing patches on
emacs-devel mailing list. This is *not* an official repo.
More about this fork, please read README-mac.
2. How to install
Plan A.
Without clone and compile, just download from
If you prefer the official Emacs icon (the "E" and a pan), please download this
* Tested on Mac OS X 10.8.2/10.7.5*
Plan B.
Build a self-contained with
* under construction now :( *
Plan C.
If you are using Homebrew, copy "emacs-mac.rb" to your brew's
formula directory(usually at /usr/local/Library/Formula/), and
$ brew install --HEAD emacs-mac
Plan D.
1). Get the latest code from git repository
if you are new here:
$ git clone git://
if you cloned this repository before:
$ git pull
2). Follow the step h. i. j. in "2. Build instructions" from
You can SKIP step a. b. c. d. e. f. and g. because code in this
repository was patched already.
3. Useful links
* switch meta and option key
* An CLI starter, modified from Aquamacs
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