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Static Website Boilerplate

Website bolierplate for HTML/CSS/JS/WebFont/CSSSprite.

Node.js version support NPM version MIT licensed

Table of Contents


Requires the following to run:

  • node 12.14+
  • npm 6.13+

I checked the operation with Windows 10 / MacOS 10.12.

Get Started

1.Clone the Git repository

git clone

2.Move to project directory

cd static-website-boilerplate

3.Install Node.js package

npm install

4.Start Development (run build and local server)

npm start


Build source files

Type Generator Path
HTML Pug src/pug
CSS Stylus, PostCSS src/stylus
JavaScript Webpack, Babel src/js
Image imagemin src/img
WebFont postcss-webfont(forked) src/font
Sprite postcss-lazysprite src/sprite
Other static files cpx src/static


  • Development is npm scripts npm start. Run clean, build, watching and local Server.
  • Production build is npm scripts npm run build production. Run clean and minify build.


File use type use package and options
.browserslistrc CSS, JavaScript postcss-preset-env, @babel/preset-env
postcss.config.js CSS, WebFont, Sprite cssnano, postcss-webfont, postcss-lazysprite
build/config.js JavaScript, Image Webpack, imagemin plugins (gifsicle, pngquant, jpegtran, svgo)


MIT © okamoai