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Sync Google Calendar to Slack

Sync Google Calendar to Slack your status
Google Calendar Slack


  1. Fork this project.
  2. Setting gapps
  3. Set your Configurations.
    1. Generate the Slack token Legacy token generator
    2. Set script properties. Browse your project -> File -> Project properties -> Script properties
      1. Add CALENDAR_ID property. Set value to your Email. e.g.
      2. Add SLACK_TOKEN property. Set value to Slack token.
      3. Save
    3. Set trigger. Edit -> Project trigger
      • Select onEvent
      • Select minutes timmer and Select per 1minute or per 5minute. recommended
    4. If you using CircleCI, Connect CircleCI
      1. Add project's Environment Variables
        • Name: gapps, Value: ~/.gapps file body. e.g. {"client_id": "", "client_secret": "1EBL0NLBE3L...", "redirect_uri": "urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob", "refresh_token": "1/-1hLM6J...pc31krQ4OylDs-M"}
        • Name: gapps_config, Value: ./gapps.config.json e.g. {"path": "src", "fileId": "1iiKQdAio0...dCj8WDpbLb"}
  4. Edit dict.json.
    • regexp set patterns. e.g. vacation|dont work|day off
    • status_emoji set emoji. You can use Custom Emoji
    • status_text set your status.
  5. Push to github, or build and deploy your local machine.

Build and Deploy

If you using CircleCI. It is not necessary local build and deploy.

yarn build
yarn deploy