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Add config to core file.

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commit c80ed60eca3f66bbd2dda731c008b414a5f18f1d 1 parent 28ba493
Takashi Okamoto authored
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4 js/
@@ -81,6 +81,10 @@ define( [ "jquery", "../external/requirejs/text!../version.txt", "./jquery.mobil
// turn of binding to the native orientationchange due to android orientation behavior
orientationChangeEnabled: true,
+ // use event for click the component.
+ // With Android, click event has delay and fell it's slow. set vclick improve response.
+ $.mobile.formComponentClickEvent: "click",
// Support conditions that must be met in order to proceed
// default enhanced qualifications are media query support OR IE 7+
gradeA: function(){
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