OK Blockchain Sync - 11 May 2018

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OK Cryptocurrency Blockchain [Instant Sync]


For Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi.

When you load the OK Wallet for the first time it connects to the peer-to-peer network and starts to synchronize the OK blockchain.

When to use the ok-blockchain to Sync your OK wallet

The first time sync of the OK blockchain can take quite a while; sometimes up to 24 hours depending on your hardware.

With OK you can speed up this process by loading compressed backups of the OK blockchain.

Adding the current ok-blockchain to your local okcash data directory speeds up the synchronization process which will get your wallet up and running in minutes.

How to use the ok-blockchain to sync your OK wallet

1.- Close the OK Wallet and download the latest ok-blockchain.zip file from:

2.- Place the ok-blockchain.zip file in the Okcash data directory, location depends on your operating system.

3.- Unzip the ok-blockchain.zip file. (includes txleveldb folder + blk0001.dat files)

4.- Start your OK Wallet and give it some minutes to finish it's first time Sync process.
(The client might be unresponsive but don’t worry - it’s just loading and verifying all the ok-blockchain data)

Okcash data directory location on different Operating Systems

Linux and Raspberry Pi:



~/Library/Application Support/Okcash/



(This defaults to C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application data\OKCash on Windows XP and to C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\OKCash on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10.)

Live support by the community

If you require further assistance or want to keep informed of updates, join:




Security Checksum

To provide maximum security OK provides verifiable checksum for the ok-blockchain.zip file.

SHA-1: 2205E5047B5BD97311F34435A2C942479C23A8E3