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OK Blockchain [Instant Sync]


For the latest Okcash Blockchain for Windows, Mac, Linux, IoT go to:

(old backup) Okcash Blockchain [Windows, Mac, Linux, IoT]

When you load the OK Wallet for the first time it connects to the peer-to-peer network and starts to synchronize the OK blockchain.

When to use the ok-blockchain to Sync your OK wallet

The first time sync of the OK blockchain can take quite a while; sometimes up to 24 hours depending on your hardware.

With OK you can speed up this process by loading compressed backups of the OK blockchain.

Adding the current ok-blockchain to your local okcash data directory speeds up the synchronization process which will get your wallet up and running in minutes.

How to use the ok-blockchain to sync your OK wallet

1.- Close the OK Wallet and download the latest ok-blockchain.rar file from:

2.- Place the ok-blockchain.rar file in the Okcash data directory, location depends on your operating system.

3.- Unrar the ok-blockchain.rar file. (includes txleveldb folder + blk0001.dat files)

4.- Start your OK Wallet and give it some minutes to finish it's first time Sync process.
(The client might be unresponsive but don’t worry - it’s just loading and verifying all the ok-blockchain data)

Okcash config data directory location on different Operating Systems

(or just click on the "open config folder..." under the "Options" menu in the Okcash wallet).

Linux and Raspberry Pi:



~/Library/Application Support/Okcash/

New MacOS:

/Users/(username)/Library/Application Support/Okcash



(This defaults to C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application data\OKCash on Windows XP and to C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\OKCash on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10.)

Live support by the community

If you require further assistance or want to keep informed of updates, join:

Security Checksum

To provide maximum security OK provides verifiable checksum for the ok-blockchain.rar file.

Checksum information

Name: ok-blockchain.rar

MD5: 684AF4CC3DAE92BD17C081A54208CDEA
SHA-1: E0C69FE2059F19ACEC5AB13DEF8B4870778092BE
SHA-256: 21F33F1BD1D953ACD37AF5B6EF4421262258F2C3A8CBF6CC86C7BBCB2E4663DC