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okertanov's dotfiles collection
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.MacOSX initial dotfiles were added
.atom merge
.emacs.d .gitconfig .emacs fixes
.oh-my-zsh @ 3913106 modules sync
.vim submodules up
bin bin/mlock osx lock script added
.face .face & .icons/flags were added
.gitattributes initial dotfiles were added
.gitignore unix line-endings in .gitignore
.hushlogin initial dotfiles were added
.profile fixes from imac
.screenrc .screenrc unfiltered & added
.zshrc welcome oh-my-zsh
LICENSE initial dotfiles were added
Makefile Makefile changes to support Win32 again

okertanov's dotfiles


Install on the clean system

cd ~
git clone ditfiles
cd dotfiles
make init update
cd ~
ln -s dotfiles/.gitconfig .gitconfig
ln -s dotfiles/.vimrc .vimrc
ln -s dotfiles/.vim .vim
ln -s dotfiles/.screenrc .screenrc
ln -s dotfiles/.profile .profile
ln -s dotfiles/.oh-my-zsh .oh-my-zsh
ln -s dotfiles/.zshrc .zshrc
ln -s dotfiles/.zprofile .zprofile

ln -s dotfiles/.icons .icons
ln -s dotfiles/.face .face
ln -s dotfiles/bin bin
ln -s dotfiles/.inputrc .inputrc
ln -s dotfiles/.hushlogin .hushlogin

Post Install on some platforms




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