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# To add fields, make a new schema file in this directory
# and change the schema setting in _config.yml to its name
- field_name: title
label: Title
datajson: title
- field_name: update_freq
label: Uuendussagedus
datajson: frequency
- field_name: date_issued
label: Lisatud Portaali (YYYY/MM/DD)
datajson: issued
- field_name: date_modified
label: Viimati muudetud (YYYY/MM/DD)
datajson: modified
- field_name: organization
label: Teabevaldaja
datajson: publisher
- field_name: notes
label: Kirjeldus
form_template: form/textarea.html
datajson: description
- field_name: license
label: Kasutuslitsents
form_template: form/license.html
datajson: license
- field_name: category
label: Peamine teema
form_template: form/category.html
display_template: display/category.html
datajson: category
- field_name: maintainer_name
label: Kontakt nimi
datajson: contactPoint.fn
- field_name: maintainer_email
label: Kontakt Email
datajson: contactPoint.hasEmail
- field_name: maintainer_phone
label: Kontakt telefon
- field_name: name
label: Resource Name
datajson: distribution.title
- field_name: url
label: URL
datajson: distribution.downloadURL
- field_name: format
label: Format
datajson: distribution.format
form_template: form/dropdown.html
- api
- csv
- json
- geojson
- html
- kml
- kmz
- shp
- xml
- xlsx
- xsd
- txt
- zip
- pdf
- rdf
- field_name: title
label: Title
- field_name: maintainer_name
label: Kontakt nimi
- field_name: maintainer_email
label: Kontakt Email
- field_name: description
label: Description
- field_name: logo
label: Logo
- field_name: name
label: Name
- field_name: logo
label: Logo
- field_name: logo_credit
label: Logo Credit
- field_name: featured
label: Featured on Homepage
form_template: form/checkbox.html
- field_name: app_name
label: Application
- field_name: developed_by
label: Developer
- field_name: app_description
label: Description
- field_name: submitted
label: Submitted Date
- field_name: app_url
label: App URL
- field_name: app_preview
label: Preview Image
- field_name: news_title
label: Title
- field_name: author
label: Author
- field_name: text
label: Text
- field_name: preview
label: Preview
- field_name: preview_image
label: Image URL
- field_name: submitted
label: Kuupäev