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Community effort to open up more and more data in Estonia
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Open Data issue tracker

This is the community effort to gather information about data sources and discuss their usability from Open Data perspective.

You can create your issues or comment on existing ones at:

We plan to use this information to promote opening up datasets and leverage in negotiation with holders of the information. You can monitor our progress here:

You can find our endorsed projects related to issue tracker below.

Background of the initiative

Estonian government agencies and local municipalities make datasets available in an open format – these are published in the government repository.

In Estonian-Open-Data-Issue-Tracker repository, Open Knowledge Estonia is independently crowd-sourcing to learn about what kind of data people need to use and which open data should be available.

We believe that persons and organizations who use the data are in a strong position to advocate for more and higher quality open data. We have used Global Open Data Index as a model but we are adding categories that are not covered in Open Data Index.

The Global Open Data Index tracks whether this data is actually released in a way that is accessible to citizens, media and civil society. OK-EE wants to give a crowdsourced input to the global survey of open data releases. Contributions are welcome!

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