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#SillyMUD 1.1b With CloudI Integration

Here is the case study for the source code in this repository.


All SillyMUD source code was released under the DikuMud License (see silly/doc/license.doc)

CloudI is released under a MIT license

The websocket client interface is based on hMUD and hMUD is released under a MIT license (see client/LICENSE)


Here is a simple way to use the repository directory for running SillyMUD

  1. Install CloudI (you can install locally by using the --prefix argument on configure)
  2. Copy the cloudi.conf file to your CloudI installation's etc directory
  3. Set the SILLYMUD environment variable with the repository root directory (e.g., ``export SILLYMUD=`pwd``` if you are currently there)
  4. Compile SillyMUD (cd silly/src; make)
  5. Start CloudI
  6. Connect to port 4000 for Telnet or 4001 for WebSockets (browse to http://localhost:4001/sillymud/client.html)


The SillyMUD source code does probably have a few bugs hiding. Make an issue here if you find any, or use the bug command within SillyMUD if you are using an instance of this repository that someone has hosted.