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SMILE Emoji Chat
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Local project setup

Start a local Redis server.


python3 -m venv smile-env
source smile-env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements-normal.txt
python migrate
python runserver


yarn install
yarn run serve

Build frontend files

yarn run build

Local project setup with Docker

docker-compose -f up

Deployment to Heroku

Add PostgreSQL-Addon and Redis-Addon.

git push heroku master
heroku config:set DEBUG=0
heroku config:set SECRET_KEY=<long securely random string>
heroku run python migrate
heroku restart

Deployment with Docker

Copy env.example to .env and adjust values.

docker-compose up --build

The server will listen by default on port 8000.

Admin interface

There's an admin interface at /admin/. You can create admin users like this:

python createsuperuser

Delete messages older than 24h

Messages older than 24h are not visible, but are still in the database. To delete them, either click the button in the message admin interface or periodically run this command (e.g. with a cron job):

python delete_old_messages
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