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Custom CKAN extension for

How to Install Locally for Development

  1. Install CKAN from source.

  2. Install ckanext-offenedaten. Activate your CKAN virtual environment and:

     git clone
     cd ckanext-offenedaten
     python develop
     pip install -r pip-requirements.txt
  3. Add the following settings to the [app:main] section of your CKAN config file (e.g. development.ini or offenedaten.ini):

     offenedaten.beta = true

    and edit the following settings:

     ckan.plugins = stats dcat_api offenedaten
     ckan.site_title =
     ckan.site_description = Open Data Repository
  4. Run CKAN, e.g. paster serve offenedaten.ini

Note on CKAN versions: at the time of writing the master branch of ckanext-offenedaten is intended to work with CKAN 2.0 (currently the master branch of ckan).

Edit the style

After editing the less files, they need to be recompiled. This can be done by calling offenedaten/theme/less.