A content tag suite for XML or HTML formats, expressing "only content".
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HTML with only content, definition and conversion tools. HTML5 simplified tag subset.


Digtal content preservation repositories... and many online tools with a "HTML upload" interface, offline softwares with "document loading", input modules of Content Management Systems, of Document Management Systems (DMSs and old EDMs)... They supposed that user is sending full-text content in a whole HTML document (only relevant content are into the tag body). This is because HTML is the "lingua franca" and the best way to do content-interchange.

So, in that context, HTML must be interpreted as "only content". In that conetxt arises an HTML's DTD variant that have no forms, no Javascript for animations or content-generation, no menus or sidebars, etc.

It is a simplified HTML for non-interactive content, the HTML-OnlyContent.

The specification

The HTML5-onlyContent is a content tag suite for XML or HTML formats, used to describe an HTML format that can be used as "content container" in databases or technical and legal literature published online. Its tag set (and attibutes) is a subset of HTML5 tag set, preserving same HTML5 DTD, strucuture and semantic rules.

See spec.md. For rationale see notes.md.


Some transformation tools, compatible with the definition (see Filtering and normalizing section), are available:

Another usual (complex) task in this context is to transform all the CSS, and all class attributes, into style attributes (see. ex. CssToInlineStyles project); where the use of old font and center tags, as well normalization of bolds and italics, can be accomplished.