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Half of requirements, half needs of Tails.

Tails is for security and anonymity, HalfTails is only for security and a system for circumstantial use.
See also, at suporte.ok.org.br, "Tarefas com risco de quebra da segurança".


It is a documentation project, "plug-and-play" sequence of instructions to cretate standard, reliable and secure live USB using:

  • standard Linux: minimal Debian Stable
  • Live USB basic or persistent options
  • Mozilla Firefox and other basic tools as Tails reccomendations, but without Tor.
  • Updates, care, etc. as Tails reccomendations, but without Tor.

Status of this version

It is only a procedure (sequence of terminal instructions) to make a bootable pendrive with Debian system. Next version will add more "secure procedures"... But only far future will be "Tails without Tor".

The HalfTails conventions (2017)

Current (2017-03) general conventions (for rationale see Wiki),

  • Stable Debian 8 (Jessie) and GNOME Shell. So debian-live-8.7.1-amd64-gnome-desktop.iso
  • From mkusb (the most reliable USB maker).
  • Mozilla browser, SSH terminal, etc. So: preserve basic tools, and option to remove all other (that is not relevant for HalfTails-standard-users).

Installation instructions

Easy to copy/past to terminal, direct instructions in