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Justa is a project that aims to facilitate the understanding of financing data and the management the Justice System in an accessible and innovative way.
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JUSTA is a research project that aims to understand how the Justice System’s management is happening in Brazil and facilitate its understanding through data visualization. What impacts can the proximity between the three Powers - Executive, Legislative and Judiciary - have in social life and democratic organization, especially when it comes to public safety and criminal justice?

JUSTA is headquartered in the IBCCRIM (Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences) and is held in partnership with the Open Knowledge Brasil.


  • Docker and Docker Compose
  • Copy .env.sample as .env and check if it matches your environment

Building docker images

Make sure you have pulled and built all needed images by executing:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose build



Having distrito_federal as a spider and DEBUG as the desired log level:

docker-compose run --rm scrapy scrapy crawl distrito_federal --loglevel=INFO

If you need to see the browser running you must replace the Firefox or Chrome images with selenium/standalone-firefox-debug and/or selenium/standalone-chrome-debug and then connect to its VNC server (Chrome will be exported to port 5900 and Firefox to 5901).

Example for Firefox:

docker-compose stop firefox
docker-compose rm -f firefox
sed -i 's/standalone-firefox$/standalone-firefox-debug/' docker-compose.yml
docker-compose up -d firefox

# Now, run the scraper and in parallel connect to VNC:
docker-compose run --rm scrapy scrapy crawl budget_ce -a headless=false --loglevel=INFO
xtightvncviewer  # The password is "secret"


To run the web server, execute:

docker-compose up django

Then access it at http://localhost:8000/

API endpoints

General court orders
  • List all court orders:
    GET /api/court-orders/
  • Details of a court order:
    GET /api/court-orders/<id>
  • Create a court order:
    POST /api/court-orders/

The token value, needed for POST requests, should be the hexdigest of the SECRET_KET.

eSAJ court orders
  • List all court orders:
    GET /api/court-orders-esaj/
  • Details of a court order:
    GET /api/court-orders-esaj/<id>


docker-compose run --rm <scrapy|django> py.test


Inside tools directory you'll find some scripts to help during project development:

  • converts RDS files to CSV (only the first data frame), needs to install pandas and pyreadr libraries. Useful to convert some TJ-SP files.
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