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Hate crimes monitor for political motivated assaults in Brazil.

Requires a Google account, Python 3.7 and Redis.


Basic settings are set in a .env file. You can copy .env.sample as .env and set it up according to your environment.

The repository initial setup includes a sample Google Sheets document with some data. You can copy this document and create your own. To setup the application to read a custom spreadsheet:

  • The unique ID from the Google Sheet URL is the SPREADSHEET_ID
  • The gid URL parameter Google generates when exporting each spreadsheet as CSV is the value of CASES_SPREADSHEET_GID and STORIES_SPREADSHEET_GID

Running the server

Install the dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt and spin up the server with:

$ python

If you wanna clear the cache:

$ python


Make yourself at home, write tests and format code with Black:

$ black .


Run tests with:

$ pytest
$ black . --check