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# the data import manager
# gets an uploaded file or retrieves a file from a URL
# indexes the records found in the file by upserting via the DAO
import urllib2
import re
from cStringIO import StringIO
import unicodedata
import uuid
import json
import bibserver.dao
import bibserver.util as util
from bibserver.config import config
class Importer(object):
def __init__(self, owner, requesturl=False):
self.owner = owner
self.requesturl = requesturl
def upload(self, fileobj, collection=None):
'''Import a bibjson collection into the database.
:param fileobj: a fileobj pointing to file from which to import
collection records (and possibly collection metadata)
:param collection: collection dict for use when creating collection. If
undefined collection must be extractable from the fileobj.
:return: same as `index` method.
jsonin = json.load(fileobj)
metadata = jsonin.get('metadata',False)
record_dicts = jsonin.get('records', jsonin)
# if metadata provided from file, roll it into the collection object
if metadata:
collection = metadata
return self.index(collection, record_dicts)
def index(self, collection_dict, record_dicts):
'''Add this collection and its records to the database index.
:return: (collection, records) tuple of collection and associated
record objects.
col_label_slug = util.slugify(collection_dict['label'])
collection = bibserver.dao.Collection.get_by_owner_coll(, col_label_slug)
if not collection:
collection = bibserver.dao.Collection(**collection_dict)
assert 'label' in collection, 'Collection must have a label'
if not 'collection' in collection:
collection['collection'] = col_label_slug
collection['owner'] =
for rec in record_dicts:
if not type(rec) is dict: continue
rec['owner'] = collection['owner']
if 'collection' in rec:
if collection['collection'] != rec['collection']:
rec['collection'] = collection['collection']
rec['collection'] = collection['collection']
if not self.requesturl and 'SITE_URL' in config:
self.requesturl = str(config['SITE_URL'])
if self.requesturl:
if not self.requesturl.endswith('/'):
self.requesturl += '/'
if '_id' not in rec:
rec['_id'] = bibserver.dao.make_id(rec)
rec['url'] = self.requesturl + collection['owner'] + '/' + collection['collection'] + '/'
if 'id' in rec:
rec['url'] += rec['id']
elif '_id' in rec:
rec['url'] += rec['_id']
return collection, record_dicts
def findformat(filename):
if filename.endswith(".json"): return "json"
if filename.endswith(".bibtex"): return "bibtex"
if filename.endswith(".bib"): return "bibtex"
if filename.endswith(".csv"): return "csv"
return "bibtex"
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