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import os
import json
import pprint
from import assert_equal
from test.base import fixtures, Fixtures, TESTDB
import bibserver.dao as dao
import bibserver.util as util
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
class TestDAO:
def setup_class(cls):
def teardown_class(cls):
conn, db = dao.get_conn()
def test_get_None(self):
r = dao.Record.get(None)
assert r == None
def test_01_record(self):
# Note, adding a one second negative delay to the timestamp
# otherwise the comparison overflows when subtracting timestamps
t1 = - timedelta(seconds=1)
recdict = fixtures['records'][0]
record = dao.Record.upsert(recdict)
outrecord = dao.Record.get(
for attr in ['type', 'author']:
assert record[attr] == recdict[attr], record
assert outrecord[attr] == recdict[attr], outrecord
print outrecord.keys()
assert '_created' in outrecord
assert '_last_modified' in outrecord
last_modified_in_record = outrecord['_last_modified']
t2 = datetime.strptime(last_modified_in_record, r"%Y%m%d%H%M%S")
difference = t2 - t1
print last_modified_in_record, t1, t2, difference
assert difference.seconds < 1
def test_02_collection(self):
label = u'My Collection'
slug = util.slugify(label)
colldict = {
'label': label,
'slug': slug,
coll = dao.Collection.upsert(colldict)
assert, coll
assert coll['label'] == label
# should only be one collection for this account so this is ok
account_colls = Fixtures.account.collections
assert == account_colls[0].id, account_colls
def test_making_ids(self):
recdict1 = fixtures['records'][0].copy()
del recdict1['_id']
recdict2 = recdict1.copy()
recdict3 = recdict1.copy()
recdict3['foobar'] = 'baz'
a = dao.make_id(recdict1)
b = dao.make_id(recdict3)
print a
print b
assert a != b
record1 = dao.Record.upsert(recdict1)
record2 = dao.Record.upsert(recdict2)
record3 = dao.Record.upsert(recdict3)
print record1, '*'*5
print record2, '*'*5
print record3, '*'*5
assert record1['_id'] == record2['_id']
assert record1['_id'] != record3['_id']
class TestDAOQuery:
def setup_class(cls):
for rec in fixtures['records']:
def teardown_class(cls):
conn, db = dao.get_conn()
def test_query(self):
out = dao.Record.query()
assert out['hits']['total'] == 2
def test_query_size(self):
out = dao.Record.query(size=1)
assert out['hits']['total'] == 2
assert_equal(len(out['hits']['hits']), 1)
def test_query_facet(self):
facet_fields = [{'key':'type'}]
out = dao.Record.query(facet_fields=facet_fields)
print pprint.pprint(out)
facetterms = out['facets']['type']['terms']
assert len(facetterms) == 2
assert facetterms[0]['term'] == 'book'
assert facetterms[0]['count'] == 1
def test_query_term(self):
out = dao.Record.query(terms={'type': ['book']})
assert_equal(out['hits']['total'], 1)
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