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from meta import *
import vdm.sqlalchemy
import tag
from core import *
from package import *
from ckan.model import extension
__all__ = ['PackageRevision']
mapper(Package, package_table, properties={
# delete-orphan on cascade does NOT work!
# Why? Answer: because of way SQLAlchemy/our code works there are points
# where PackageTag object is created *and* flushed but does not yet have
# the package_id set (this cause us other problems ...). Some time later a
# second commit happens in which the package_id is correctly set.
# However after first commit PackageTag does not have Package and
# delete-orphan kicks in to remove it!
'package_tags':relation(tag.PackageTag, backref='package',
cascade='all, delete', #, delete-orphan',
vdm.sqlalchemy.modify_base_object_mapper(Package, Revision, State)
PackageRevision = vdm.sqlalchemy.create_object_version(mapper, Package,
def related_packages(self):
return [self.continuity]
PackageRevision.related_packages = related_packages
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