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CKAN Issues Extension

This extension allows users to to report issues with datasets and resources in a CKAN instance.

Current Status: Beta

What it does

Once installed and enabled, the issues extension will make available a per dataset issue tracker.

The issue tracker user interface can be found at:


You can add an issue at:


You can also add an issue about a specific resource


Issues API

The issues extension also exposes its functionality as part of the standard CKAN Action API:



Installation and Activation

To install the plugin, enter your virtualenv and install the source::

pip install git+

This will also register a plugin entry point, so you now should be able to add the following to your CKAN .ini file::

ckan.plugins = issues

After you clear your cache and reload the site, the Issues plugin and should be available.

To configure notifications, you should set the following options in your configuration. Should notify_admin and notify_owner be set to False then no emails will be sent about the newly created issue.

ckanext.issues.notify_admin = True
ckanext.issues.notify_owner = True
ckanext.issues.from_address = test@localhost.local


Please open an issue in the github issue tracker.


Normal requirements for CKAN Extensions (including an installation of CKAN and its dev requirements).


nosetests test/ --ckan --nologcapture
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