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CKAN Issues Extension

This extension allows users to to report issues with datasets and resources in a CKAN instance.

Current Status: Alpha

What it does

Once installed and enabled, the issues extension will make available a per dataset issue tracker.

The issue tracker user interface can be found at:


You can add an issue at:


Issues API

The issues extension also exposes its functionality as part of the standard CKAN Action API:



Installation and Activation

To install the plugin, enter your virtualenv and install the source::

pip install git+

This will also register a plugin entry point, so you now should be able to add the following to your CKAN .ini file::

ckan.plugins = issues

After you clear your cache and reload the site, the Issues plugin and should be available.


To configure notifications, you should set the following option in your configuration, and all users in the group will get the email.

ckanext.issues.send_email_notifications = true

If you set max_strikes then users can 'report' a comment as spam/abuse. If the number of users reporting a particular comment hits the max_strikes number then it is hidden, pending moderation.

ckanext.issues.max_strikes = 2


By default, issues are enabled for all datasets. If you wish to restrict issues to specific datasets or organizations, you can use these config options:

ckanext.issues.enabled_for_datasets = mydataset1 mydataset2 ...
ckanext.issues.enabled_for_organizations = department-of-transport health-regulator

Alternatively, you can switch issues on/off for particular datasets by using an extra field:

'issues_enabled': True

and you can set the default for all the other datasets (without that extra field):

ckanext.issues.enabled_without_extra = false

For the extra field to work you must not set enabled_per_dataset or enabled_for_organizations options.


Please open an issue in the github issue tracker.


Normal requirements for CKAN Extensions (including an installation of CKAN and its dev requirements).

Testing with Postgres

To run full production tests on postgres run. These are the tests that the travis build will run

nosetests --ckan --with-pylons=test.ini -v --with-id ckanext/issues --with-coverage --cover-package=ckanext.issues --nologcapture

Testing with sqlite

For quick development tests run. --reset-db is necessary when running sqlite tests in memory

nosetests --reset-db --ckan --with-pylons=test-sqlite.ini -v --with-id ckanext/issues --with-coverage --cover-package=ckanext.issues --nologcapture
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