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Custom CKAN extension for

How to Install Locally for Development

  1. Install CKAN from source.

  2. Install ckanext-pdeu. Activate your CKAN virtual environment and:

     git clone
     cd ckanext-sa
     python develop
  3. Edit the following settings to the [app:main] section of your CKAN config file (e.g. development.ini or sa.ini):

     ckan.plugins = stats sa datastore googleanalytics pages resource_proxy recline_preview pdf_preview text_preview
     ckan.site_title =
     ckan.site_description = South Australian Government Data Directory
     ckan.featured_organizations = department-of-planning-transport-and-infrastructure, state-library-of-south-australia
     ckan.auth.anon_create_dataset = false
     ckan.auth.create_dataset_if_not_in_organization = false
     ckan.auth.user_create_organizations = false
     ckan.auth.user_create_groups = false
     ckan.auth.user_delete_groups = false
     ckan.auth.user_delete_organizations = false
     ckan.locale_default = en_GB
     ckan.tracking_enabled = true
 = xxxx
     googleanalytics.account = xxxx
     googleanalytics.username = xxxx
     googleanalytics.password = xxxx
  4. Run CKAN, e.g. paster serve sa.ini

Note on CKAN versions: at the time of writing the master branch of ckanext-sa is intended to work with CKAN 2.1.1.