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Dashboard for communities: what's up, who's here and what are they working on. Designed for use at the Open Knowledge Foundation.

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A Community Dashboard for the Open Knowledge Foundation. See wiki for details of project:

Using It

First, setup the git submodules needed by the frontend app:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Then, just open in your browser:


Note: if you are using Chrome you may need to open this from a webserver as chrome prevents loading the local data files (even if you are opening a local file) for security reasons.

For Developers

Directory Structure

The repository has this layout:

-- okfn-dashboard
 `index.html: JS webapp
 `-- js: JavaScript files, often exported by scripts
 `-- css: style sheets
 `-- img: image files
 `-- test: js tests
 `-- scripts: scripts to extract data from various sources
 `-- cache: cache directory for data during processing
 `-- data: houses permanent stored (bulk) data

Frontend App Tests

In your browser visit:


Backend and Data Harvesting


If you intend to run python scripts for storing and harvesting data you will need to:

  1. Install python, plus setuptools, pip and virtualenv

  2. Install other requirements:

    virtualenv {path-to-your-virtualenv}
    pip -E {your-virtualenv} install --requirement=pip-requirements.txt
  3. Install and run a local copy of ElasticSearch or use the DataHub.

  4. Copy and paste dashboard.cfg.tmpl to dashboard.cfg and set relevant config variables. If you have not modified the webstore configuration, it should work out-of-the-box.


Harvesting script is:


To see command options do:

python scripts/ -h

The list of people is pulled separately out of the buddypress db. A csv is extracted and posted online at:

You then need to pull it down and have it locally at data/members.csv. Then run:

python scripts/ -h

And follow the instructions.

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