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The DataHub help guides. Online at

All submissions are welcome. To submit a change, fork this repo, commit your changes, and send us a pull request.

The docs are written in ReStructured Text format and built with Sphinx. You can find an introduction to Restructured Text here:

Getting Started

  1. Install git (or you can edit directly on github!)

  2. Install sphinx - on Ubuntu do:

    apt-get install python-sphinx

You can now start editing. To build docs (e.g. to take a look at them) do:

make html

Docs will then be in build/html

Instructions for Building Docs and Deploying

To build and deploy to

git checkout gh-pages
git merge master
make html
## now check to see what new html pages there are or which have been updated
git status
git add -u
git add {any-new-html-pages}
git commit -m '[build][s]: added in results of recent build.'
## this will initiate an automatic re-deployment to the website
git push