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User Stories

3 types of use case:

  1. Report and manage issues - requires sharing
  2. Error logging and analytics - why share?
  3. Data quality reporting for data publishers - requires sharing
    • Establish transparency about errors in open data apps (data quality reports)

Store/Log Low-level Errors

As a Data Wrangler I want to Pipe my errors into an online system so that I can review them later


  • What are errors? Example: Cell B20 in sheet X is empty and should be float

Associate an Error with an Issue

As a .... I want to have an error or set of errors associated with an issue (automatically?) so that fix them in bulk

Generate a Report of Errors

As a ... I want to generate an aggregate report of all the errors on a task and their associated issues so that I can see patterns

Create an Issue

As a Data User I want to report a problem with a dataset so that it can be fixed by the owner and I can see that it was fixed (or not!)


  • An Issue can be an Error (as above) but also can be higher level - e.g. all dates are in yyyy-dd-mm format rather than yyyy-mm-dd

Close an Issue

As a Task Owner I want to close an issue so that I can indicate its fixed (or that it won't be fixed etc)

Be Notified of an update to an Issue




  • Task
  • Issue
  • Error


id | slug | title | description | owner_name | private_key | api_key


Generating task:

  • repo_url -
  • dataset_url -
  • triggering_user
  • run_id -

Info on the actual error:

  • timestamp
  • record_id - row number in most cases
  • source_path - input file name
  • dest_path - output file name - ??
  • source_field/attribute -
  • dest_field - ??
  • query (xpath, sql) - when you do scraping you have xpath or css selector etc
  • value - erroneous value
  • level - debug, info, error, warning
  • error_type - ValidationError, TypeError, ValueError, ...
  • publisher_name
  • publisher_id
  • dataset_url
  • message - JSON structured message with more info?


id | dataset_id | title | description | creator | assigned | created | last_modified | status

status = 'open', 'closed'


id | issue_id | description | action | user_id

action = comment || closing || reopening