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Handbook Theme

This is essentially a stripped down version of The intention is for it to be reused, as a base for other websites. Please note, relatively little time has been spent so far, converting this from a bespoke site to something generic. You will probably find Open Data Handbook specific stuff in the code. Please raise any issues here.


Suggested workflow

Quick Start

  • Clone this repository
  • Create a new branch for your code, e.g gh-pages
  • Start editing your new branch

Theme updates

In order to include updates in the future, we suggest that you add this repository as a remote to your project. You can then cherry pick any updates into your customised branch. Equally, if you make a change to your custom branch that you feel should be part of the theme, feel free to make a pull request.

Config options

Aside from standard Jekyll options, we have:

  • devs, contributors & supporters - used to generate the Credits page.
  • googleanalytics - assign a Google Analytics tracking ID to add the analytics code to the footer. If you do not wish to include the Google Analytics code, remove this.
  • related_projects - populates the list in the footer

Note: the correct use of baseurl is as described here

Front matter

Set per page, layout or as a default (see

  • lead - if defined, first paragraph in the page will be larger
  • edit - if defined, a link to edit the page will be present in the page tools.
  • wide - if defined, the menu will automatically expand on wide (enough) screens.
  • authors - allows single or multiple authors
  • section - defines the section headings at the top of each page.


  • default - includes header and footer
  • page - adds page structure to default. If unsure, use this layout.
  • post, docs - similar to page, with subtle differences. You can probably ignore these.
  • apps - originally used for still quite bespoke at this time.


Open Knowledge standard "nice" jekyll theme - used for OpenDataHandbook etc




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