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Machine readable list of open (, licenses and web service - see

For more information, including details of web service usage, see or

in this directory.


All material copyright 2012, Open Knowledge Foundation.

All data (and associated content) is placed in the Public Domain using the Public Domain Dedication and License. All code is licensed under the MIT License.

index.html # home page
datapackage.json # data package info
licenses/{id}.json # json versions of licenses
licenses/jsonp/{id}.js # jsonp
licenses/groups/ # special groups of licenses
bin/ # scripts

Note: grups and jsonp versions are generated as part of the build and deploy process for the service.

Build and Deployment

To build files for deployment do:

bin/ run

For deployment simply upload the current directory files to a relevant online location.

We currently, use github pages (but previously used s3).



v0.6.1 2011-02-22

  • Minor tweak to CC by-sa license name

v0.6 2011-02-11

  • Heavy refactoring and simplification
  • Improve and add documentation

v0.5 2010-05-11

  • Addition of Licenses SoS v2.0 capabilities

v0.4 2010-03-08

  • This module is redesigned to be a web service
  • Addition of Licenses SoS v1.0 capabilities (Specification of Service)

v0.3 2010-03-06 and older

  • Module is designed to be imported to provide its list of licenses
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